Password management, one last time

TLDR: use 1password.

My hacked solution (here and here) has been kinda sorta OK for the past three years. But some of the kludges were painful. pass works great on OSX but doesn't play well on Windows or at all on Android and iOS. KeepassX works on the latter platforms but keeping the .kdbx file synchronized in Dropbox was problematic (namely, it wouldn't; and I had to come up with some odd and now forgotten hack to force a refresh of the local file). It was all just ugly and it was causing me headaches.

And then I discovered 1password. Oh, it's truly lovely. It syncs effortlessly across almost all the platforms I care about. In version 7, it now checks whether passwords are on a "known compromised" list. I can use markdown in the notes, which is useful because dammit, some sites appear to revel in the complexity of their user security and I need to write myself detailed instructions on how to navigate them. Their family plan allows me to manage shared and private vaults between me and my girlfriend.

"Almost" all the platforms? Yes, almost. I have an elderly iPad that I am resisting throwing away, even though the majority of its apps can no longer be updated because it cannot run a shiny new iOS. (Planned obsolescence bugs the heck out of me.) My solution: don't do anything on it that requires greater security than Netflix. I mean honestly, how many platforms do I really need to access my bank from?

In short, use 1password. It saves a lot of effort and is likely to do the vast majority of what you need it to.

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