Randomly generated titles for Harlequin romance novels

You can use recurrent neural networks (RNNs) to generate text: feed one the names of death metal bands (say) and it will start creating it's own. Ditto ice-cream flavors, paint colors, Trump tweets, etc.

One popular package that allows the likes of me to play with this technology was developed by a data scientist, Max Woolf. He's got a great how-to page on his blog. Lifehacker also have an extremely simple and helpful guide that relies on Max's work.


What random text should I generate? I have to feed an RNN a few thousand examples before it can start creating its own (or at least creating text that feels realistic). Fortunately I found a list of all of Harlequin's books from 1949 to 2012; about 4400 titles in total. That is large enough to give the RNN a chance to identify the patterns in the titles, small enough that the RNN will not need to run for hours before giving a result.


You can find the full version of this in my git repository here. The short version is:

  • Install python3, tensorflow, and textgenrnn on your computer.
  • Create "training" and "run" scripts in python. The training script reads all the example data and discovers its underlying patterns, the run script generates new examples.
  • Enjoy!


The RNN's "run" step has a temperature parameter that you can dial up or down betwen zero and one. I think this is something of a misnomer. Lifehacker describe it as a "creativity dial"; I prefer to think of it as a weirdness control. Here are some of the titles that the RNN produced, ordered by temperature.

The Man From The Heart
The Baby Bonding
The Wild Sister
The Man In The Bride
The Sun And The Sheikh
The Sheikh's Convenient Wife
The Girl At Saltbush Bay
The Bachelor And The Playboy
The Dream And The Sunrancher
The Touch Of The Single Man
The Billionaire Bride
Hunter's Daughter
The Wolf Of When
A Savage Sanctuary
The Rancher's Forever Drum
Only My Heart Of Hearts
The Sheikh's Daughter
The Sheriff's Mother Bride
Chateau Pland
The Golden Pag
Just Mother And The Candles
Reluctant Paragon
The Unexpected Islands
Expecting the Young Nurse
The Girl In A Whirlwind
In Village Touch (Doctor Season)
Rapture Of The Parka
Portrait Of Works!
"Trave Palagry Surrender, Baby"
Bridegroom On Her Secret

So, which of these would you read?

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